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بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

In the name of God the most Gracious the most Merciful

The Meaning Of “Heart” (Qalb) In Quran

In the Quran the word “Qalb” is mentioned more than 100 times and you can thus imagine the importance of this word and understand its meaning. There are also certain other words besides the word “Qalb” which are also more or less used in the same sense like the word “sadr” which means “chest” or the word “nafs” which means “soul” or “self” or the word “ruh” which means “spirit” or “soul”. These words all share very close meanings.

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when we refer to “Qalb” is our physical heart in our chest which pumps blood into our body and plays a very central role in our body. That is the literal meaning of “Qalb” or “heart” and this has the same meaning in Arabic. When looking at different verses of the Quran, there is no doubt that the “Qalb” that the Quran is referring to in most of the cases is NOT referring to the physical heart.

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There is a possibility that because “Qalb” or “heart” plays a central role in the body in supplying blood which carries oxygen to even the brain which itself controls our body and acts as the command center, due to the centrality of its role, it is possible that the Quran and also the Ahadith refer to the heart due to this meaning whereby everything in ourselves somehow depends on it.

This is probably why the meaning of “Qalb” or “heart” is borrowed from its literal meaning and used for a series of other related meanings which has the theme of centrality and dependency on it. The approximate 100 verses in the Quran using the word ‘Qalb” actually use it with different intended meanings. It should be noted that perhaps there is something common between them in that there is a central theme that all those meanings share and thus one word is used for all the meanings.

Qalb Relation with Two Tones Design (Motifs Meaning)

Two tone color base: 

Symbolized our qalb/heart. We need to purify our heart and soul to balance our physical and spiritual with remembrance of Allah SWT. Purifying our hearts is the key to success in the sight of Allah. What is a pure heart? The Prophet SAWS taught, “The pure ones are those who clean themselves from sin, doubt, cheating, lying, and jealousy.” So a pure heart loves to please Allah SWT and to follow Islamic values such as honesty, kindness, patience, etc.

Sajada Motif: Sajjāda (Arab., sajada, ‘bow down’, ‘worship’). The prayer mat on which solat is performed. The design in the carpet is not symmetrical, but leads to a point on one of the short sides which is placed in the direction of the qibla. The word underlies masjid, mosque, the place of prostration. Thus, the floral and detailing represent the sajada itself to show that we need to purify our heart and soul through worship towards Allah. 

Qalb means turning something over from one side or state to another one. The reason that the heart is called Qalb in Arabic is that it turns the dirty venous blood over and replaces it with fresh artery blood full of oxygen. So it returns the inverse of what it got.


Hence, Qalb design means we need to make sure our physical and heart are equally clean. We need to do everything for the sake of Allah SWT. This design also aims to encourage people to celebrate Eid with positive vibes. 


Qalb is the part of our entity that turns over our sensation inputs to what we call the world. If this turning over does not match with the purpose of creation, our observed world will change and so do our behavior and doings. Such corruption will deviate us from the main path of creation.

So, Qalb is not the Heart that pumps blood in our veins.

If it was so, the people with artificial hearts should have a sort of identity issue. If we want to consider a place for Qalb, the only choice would be the brain; which either does the turning-over itself or is a medium for it. Based on the meaning of Qalb, the Quran clearly tells us that what we perceive as the world, is the turn-over and interpretation of the true reality.

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Syaza Omar
3rd time buying from omera ! so far service was 10/10. i love the quality & design so much— i bought some for my mom and friends too! i hope you guys can release shawl w pretty design in the future ! all the best and keep on going !
Ily Syairah Razman
Very nice tudung, especially the peony edition bcos I love the design and colour. Recommended brand. You can soar higher. Will wait for more lovely designs!
Sakina Kushairi
delivery is fast, packaging is well neat, scarves are nice, high quality material
Nurul Asma Nabilah Zahir
I bought few pieces & i love it. It is comfortable to wear. Will repeat it.
noor hidayah mohamed yunan
Nice material and design. Very comfortable. Not too thin.
Rose Azida
Corak yang sangat cantik dan menarik. Mudah di pakai dan dibentuk
Proses pembelian sangat memudahkan.



  •  Material: Satin Silk Premium 
  •  Finishing: Baby Hem
  •  Label: Normal
  •  Size: 45 inch x 45 inch
  • Comes with a Premium OmeraScarf Box, Thank you Card

Wash & Care:

  • Hand wash is advisable
  • Do not soak

Opacity Level: 5

Level 1: Totally see-through that needs an inner to cover the neck.

Level 2: See-through that might need an inner to cover the neck depending on the colour.

Level 3: Semi see-through that needs a double layer to cover the neck.

Level 4: Almost opaque and does not need a double layer to cover the neck.

Level 5: Totally opaque.


  • Wrong washing, storing or ironing methods which may cause product damage will not be entertained.
  • Due to lighting effects, monitor’s brightness, contrast setting, etc., there could be some slight differences in the color tone of the pictures and the actual item.
  • Note: Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product. Due to differences in monitors, colors of products may also appear different to those shown on the site. These are for reference only and should be considered illustrative.

Additional information

Types of Fabric:

Premium Satin, Sakura Cotton Voile

Colors of Qalb :

Baby Blue, Baby Green, Black Grey, Blue Orange, Emerald Green, Mint Green, Olive Green, Sahara Brown, Silver Laurel, Champagne

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  1. Mimi (verified owner)

    Love it so much! Easy to shape. Exactly like the picture. A bit difficult to wear with head loop mask as the scarf will move a bit, so you might wanna try it with mask chain or secure your scarf with more pin.

  2. ain (verified owner)

    love it! ❤️

  3. hasya.yahaya (verified owner)

    It’s so pretty and easy to shape. Love it🤍

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