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بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful

The peony flower is one of the most popular perennial flowers in the world. Few flowers can compare to the stunning peony, which is famed for its delicate petals and luxurious texture. They’re fragrant and cheerful, and they’re a welcome addition to any garden or bouquet. While they’re extremely appealing to the eye, they’re also low-maintenance and have the ability to survive a long time with little work.

The peony is rich in meaning in addition to its beauty and ability to withstand the test of time. The peony is typically offered on important occasions as a gesture of goodwill, best wishes, and delight, and is generally indicative of love, honor, happiness, wealth, romance, and beauty.

Did you know that different colors of peonies represent different emotions? If you want to give peonies for any occasion, keep in mind that different colors have different meanings. These facts will point you in the right direction when it comes to selecting the ideal arrangement for the occasion.

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Peony is used by women to treat menstrual cramps, polycystic ovarian condition, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and to start or stop menstruation. It’s also used to treat viral hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, upset stomach, muscle cramps, atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), and vomiting. Spasms, whooping cough (pertussis), epilepsy, nerve pain (neuralgia), migraine headaches, and chronic fatigue syndrome are all treated with peony (CFS).

People use peony to treat cracked skin, particularly cracks around the anus (anal fissures) that might develop with hemorrhoids.

Peony has been demonstrated to have antidepressant properties in a battery of test models employing laboratory animals, and it is used clinically in Chinese medicine to treat depression-like symptoms. Its impact is most likely mediated by a number of different targets. More research is needed to discover the molecular mechanisms of action, determine the pharmacokinetics, establish the toxicological profile, and evaluate the clinical applications of peony. It is also necessary to identify the clinically active ingredient(s).


  • Olive Green

Green flowers and the color green in nature are connected with rebirth and renewal. Furthermore, the color green can represent good health, good fortune, and youth. They convey a message of hope to the recipient, assuring them that everything will be well. Green flowers, whether used to mix and match a variety of shapes and colors or as a soothing tone-on-tone bouquet, give a message of hope and rejuvenation.

  • Baby Pink

Pink is one of the most popular peony colors. Blush tones are generally connected with romance, luck, and success since they are pale and delicate. Pink peonies don’t have to be reserved for a romantic interest, though they do make a charming alternative to roses for an anniversary celebration. The dazzling, pink peony is also a lovely addition to a Mother’s Day bouquet, whether used alone or in combination with other flowers to create a highly textured, meaningful bouquet she’ll appreciate. The Peony bouquet is a traditional and timeless arrangement that is suitable for any occasion.

Wedding bouquets frequently incorporate pale pink peonies. They’re excellent for maids of honour and bridesmaids, and they offer a subtle splash of color to the mix. The delicate pastel tone goes well with the colors seen in spring and summer weddings. They’re also a great complement to outdoor wedding centrepieces. They aren’t dark or dramatic, but they do inspire an ethereal, understated elegance that is ideal for a rustic, ethereal, or outdoorsy event.

  • Slate Grey

Gray is a formal and sophisticated color that is chilly, neutral, and well-balanced. When you want to make a statement that is both timeless and practical, give someone grey roses. Gray is a hue associated with intelligence and compromise. It’s a diplomatic hue that bridges the gap between black and white. Gray is often thought to be conservative, elegant, and cool, however it may also be mysterious.

  • Champagne

Flowers with this color reflect gentleness, elegance, and sophistication. They show thoughtfulness without being romantic, making them a suitable present for friends and coworkers. Nude is also a sophisticated alternative to stark bright color for modern weddings, and is a popular choice for centrepieces and parting gifts for dinner parties and black-tie events.

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Syaza Omar
3rd time buying from omera ! so far service was 10/10. i love the quality & design so much— i bought some for my mom and friends too! i hope you guys can release shawl w pretty design in the future ! all the best and keep on going !
Ily Syairah Razman
Very nice tudung, especially the peony edition bcos I love the design and colour. Recommended brand. You can soar higher. Will wait for more lovely designs!
Sakina Kushairi
delivery is fast, packaging is well neat, scarves are nice, high quality material
Nurul Asma Nabilah Zahir
I bought few pieces & i love it. It is comfortable to wear. Will repeat it.
noor hidayah mohamed yunan
Nice material and design. Very comfortable. Not too thin.
Rose Azida
Corak yang sangat cantik dan menarik. Mudah di pakai dan dibentuk
Proses pembelian sangat memudahkan.



  •  Material: Premium Voile Cotton
  •  Label: Normal
  •  Size: 45 inch x 45 inch
  • Comes with a Premium Omera Scarf Box, Thank you Card


Wash & Care:

  • Hand wash is advisable
  • Do not soak


Opacity Level: 4

Level 1: Totally see-through that needs an inner to cover the neck.

Level 2: See-through that might need an inner to cover the neck depending on the colour.

Level 3: Semi see-through that needs a double layer to cover the neck.

Level 4: Almost opaque and does not need a double layer to cover the neck.

Level 5: Totally opaque.



  • Wrong washing, storing or ironing methods which may cause product damage will not be entertained.
  • Due to lighting effects, monitor’s brightness, contrast setting, etc., there could be some slight differences in the color tone of the pictures and the actual item.
  • Note: Product (pouch) images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product. Due to differences in monitors, colors of products may also appear different to those shown on the site. These are for reference only and should be considered illustrative.
  • The material is slightly different and a bit thicker from our previous Cotton Voile. We strongly suggest you to wash it before you wear them for the best results. The ideal approach is to wash them by hand in cold water. You can otherwise utilize a washing machine’s delicate washing cycle by selecting the “Cotton” option.

Additional information

Peony (Cotton Voile)

Baby Pink, Champagne, Olive Green, Slate Grey

Types of Fabric:

Sakura Cotton Voile

4 reviews for Peony

  1. husna syafina.taib (verified owner)

    Bought the Olive & Pink. Love the material very easy to wear. And the material is a good quality cotton. Appreciate the experience of unboxing the parcel feels so special. Recommended for gifting because the products were carefully packed and in beautiful packaging. The process of delivering out the parcel is also fast. The customer service thru WhatsApp was very helpful and professional. Hope to see many more beautiful design scarves.

  2. Nazirah Nizam (verified owner)

    Love this material – Premium Voile Cotton. I waited for peony flower champagne and finally i got it <333

  3. qissyazid

    love the material and easy to shape!
    will review on my ig and tag soon! ♥️

  4. Nura (verified owner)

    The scarves are sooo pretty and the material is the best a bit thick compared to other premium cotton voile considering the price as well 😁 The minus points, it is uneven when folded into triangle n slow delivery which took me a week to receive my order..

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