As – Is Lily Lust (Cotton Voile)


بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

Lilies have developed over time to have a variety of symbolic meanings. There are a lot of hidden expressions in this lovely bloom, from the flower’s name and myths to its meaning in nature. And as a result, they can make for some incredibly thoughtful gift suggestions! Every type of lily has a special significance. However, the most typical connotations are those of devotion, beauty, purity, fertility, change, and rebirth. The lily flower has come to be associated with new life and regeneration because of its delicate and innocent beauty.

Orange lilies symbolize confidence and energy. Orange lilies are the ideal flowers to send when you want to congratulate someone on a new job, new home, or a personal achievement because they are so upbeat and warm.

The color orange is vibrant and powerful. It stands for vitality, warmth, assurance, fervor, and life pleasure. Orange lilies stand out from the throng with colors that are equally as vivid as the yellow ones. They typically stand for respect and honor for a noteworthy individual. Therefore, orange lilies are a perfect way to thank someone for a job well done or to recognise someone for their wonderful effort.

Blue lilies are frequently species of flowers that do not belong to the actual lily genus (Lilium), but are called or resemble lilies, such as the blue lily of the Nile. Blue is a representation of faith, fidelity, and spirituality. Giving blue lilies as gifts or including them in your garden is a great way to honor enduring bonds of friendship and trust. Blue lilies also represent commitment to religion and confidence in a higher power.

Rare hybrids called “green lilies” typically have bright, lime-green tints. Green represents nature, rebirth, growth, and emotions. A green lily can also represent the rekindling of friendships or enduring romantic love. In addition, planting a green lily in your garden brings good fortune when you wish your business or other financial activity to prosper. They are therefore excellent presents for loved ones who are starting a business or a practice.

Brown lilies are symbolic of femininity, compassion, love, and appreciation.

The attributes of the hue brown are adoration, compassion, femininity, love, and understanding. These feelings are also represented by flowers in the colour brown. When you want to express your affection to your mother, aunt, or sister, use tender brown lilies. Additionally appropriate for that certain someone you lust after are lilies in various brown tones. Bring a lovely arrangement of lilies with you on a date or surprise your partner with a delivery of scrumptious brown lilies for your anniversary.

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Syaza Omar
3rd time buying from omera ! so far service was 10/10. i love the quality & design so much— i bought some for my mom and friends too! i hope you guys can release shawl w pretty design in the future ! all the best and keep on going !
Ily Syairah Razman
Very nice tudung, especially the peony edition bcos I love the design and colour. Recommended brand. You can soar higher. Will wait for more lovely designs!
Sakina Kushairi
delivery is fast, packaging is well neat, scarves are nice, high quality material
Nurul Asma Nabilah Zahir
I bought few pieces & i love it. It is comfortable to wear. Will repeat it.
noor hidayah mohamed yunan
Nice material and design. Very comfortable. Not too thin.
Rose Azida
Corak yang sangat cantik dan menarik. Mudah di pakai dan dibentuk
Proses pembelian sangat memudahkan.



  • Material: Premium Cotton
  •  Finishing: Baby Hem
  •  Label: Normal
  •  Size: 45 inch x 45 inch
  • Comes with a Premium OmeraScarf Box, Thank you Card


Wash & Care:

  • Hand wash is advisable
  • Do not soak


Opacity Level: 4

Level 1: Totally see-through that needs an inner to cover the neck.

Level 2: See-through that might need an inner to cover the neck depending on the colour.

Level 3: Semi see-through that needs a double layer to cover the neck.

Level 4: Almost opaque and does not need a double layer to cover the neck.

Level 5: Totally opaque.



  • Wrong washing, storing or ironing methods which may cause product damage will not be entertained.
  • Due to lighting effects, monitor’s brightness, contrast setting, etc., there could be some slight differences in the color tone of the pictures and the actual item.
  • Note: Product (pouch) images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product. Due to differences in monitors, colors of products may also appear different to those shown on the site. These are for reference only and should be considered illustrative.


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Lily Lust

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